Double Entry System
Cloud Based Accounting Solution



Using our user friendly sales module, create sale invoices and add sale receipts on the same screen. You can save the invoice as a draft also to complete it later. Stock, Customer Ledger and Cash/Bank accounts are automatically handled here.


Using our user friendly Purchases module, create purchase invoices and add purchase payments on the same screen. Stock, Supplier Ledger and Cash/Bank accounts are automatically handled here.


In the payments module, you can add party payments and company Expenses to keep track of all of your payments.


In the receipts module, you can add party receipts and other company income to keep track of all of your receipts.

Parties Management

Here you can manage parties i.e customers and supplier data here. Data can also be imported using excel files. Party ledger can also be checked here for any period.

Products Management

In this module product categories, brands and other product related data. Excel files can be used to import new data and update existing data.

Role Based Access

Our access management system can be used to give only required access to system users.


Different types of reports to analyze business performance.

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An Hafeez Center based Well Known Name for Gaming Components

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An Electric Store Selling Electric Items of Multiple Brands


An E-commerce Platform for Sellers, Resellers and End Customers

About Us

Are you running a business with a lot of sale, purchase, payments and receipts activities?  Does it take most of your precious time to keep track of these activities?  Do you find it difficult to maintain a party’s ledger?  Do you want to minimise your expenses by keeping an eye on all of your expenses? Do you want to see what products are performing better and which of your customers are best valued? If yes, then you are in the right place because AasanHisab is a perfect solution to all of your accounting problems. AasanHisab  is a cloud based web application so no expensive hardware is required to run the application. Just a low budget pc with the latest browser installed will be enough to manage your accounts anywhere anytime.

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